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My name is Johny Tay and welcome to my simple space.

"Innovation" and "new ventures" sound scary, but they shouldn't be.

As individuals, we innovate everyday without realizing it,

so this should also be second nature for our organizations!

I dedicate myself to making these things attainable and understandable... for you.

What I do



Execution of venture plan or mentorship of startups under your portfolio, from as early as R&D stage.



Investor education for organizations and individuals looking for exposure to startups.

Providing a path to exit for VCs or founders.

Connecting founders with innovative funding sources.

Innovation & transformation advisor

Advisory, instructional, or operational support for your programmes related to business, innovation, or transformation.

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To be precise...

Venture building/development

Venture fund design and strategy

Venture investor education

Training in innovation, venture development, and transformation

Pitch development/review

Research management

New product development

Technology management

Digital/business transformation

Design thinking

User experience and customer journey

Process improvements (lean, agile, etc.)

Market intelligence

Growth-hacking/business development

Branding / storytelling

Knowledge management

Team performance and motivation

Health and wellness


By the numbers


million dollars raised by startups I supported in various capacities


years on the cutting edge covering 5 regions and myriad industries


startups and new ventures mentored

Ecosystem partners

Over the years I have worked on venture building and investment with many networks: incubators, accelerators, co-ops, syndicates, investors, co-working spaces, universities, and more.

My scope of work ranges from giving strategic advice to hands-on execution in multiple business functions. Here are some of my more recent partners... 


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Connect with me if you are...


Seeking investment exposure to startups and related investment platforms, or a

secondary market for your equity

Seeking to start a VC, venture studio, or innovation arm

Looking for support in your innovation, ventures, or transformation programme

A founder exploring fundraising avenues or seeking to join an incubator, accelerator, or venture programme

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